La fiesta se volvió loca

This composition assignment uses vocabulary for celebrations and the preterite tense.

Composición: La fiesta se volvió loca

OBJECTIVES: You will be able to...

  • Describe events using the preterite tense. (CLO I)

  • Apply new Spanish vocabulary and grammar in written and oral expression. (CLO VI)

Take a look at the objectives above to make sure that your presentation shows that you have demonstrated those skills. If I don’t see examples of these skills, I won’t be able to give you satisfactory scores on the relevant rubric criteria.


You are mentioning to a friend how a celebration you attended went. You are focusing on talking about what happened, not describing the people or place (we haven’t studied the imperfect tense yet.) You will write a story about a series of events that occurred at a party, celebration, or ceremony (e.g. una boda, una quinceañera, una fiesta de cumpleaños, baile de fin de año, una cena navideña).


  • 250 words minimum

  • Double spaced with name, course and section, and date (e.g. 20 de agosto)

  • Catchy or interesting title

  • Use the new irregular preterite verbs and other preterite verbs. BOLD or highlight these words.

  • Use the new vocabulary from the Celebraciones and Los postres vocabulary lists.

  • Dialogue between the guests at the celebration. The dialogue will probably be mostly in the present tense depending on what the speaker is communicating.

  • Transition words. Check out Transition Words in Spanish document on Canvas.

  • An interesting story of events. (Don’t just put together simple sentences. Think about entertaining, shocking, amusing, or horrifying your audience.)


  • Double-check word choice using an online dictionary such as

  • or

  • Double-check the grammar by pasting parts of your composition into the website. It will give you recommendations on how to fix errors.

  • Review the Writing Rubric to make sure your writing is of high quality and meets the objectives listed in the rubric.

  • Make sure your writing is your own. Your work will be checked for plagiarism.

  • Do check your script grammar accuracy by visiting before submitting it. Email me 48 hours in advance of the deadline if you would like me to review it before you record.

  • Do practice before you record and check pronunciation on

  • Do read the rubric and the learning objectives above to ensure that you meet the expectations of this assignment


Content Score: 3-Yes 2- Almost 1- Barely


________ Title grabs the reader’s attention.

________ Title follows capitalization rules in Spanish.


________ Opening is intriguing, engaging, anecdotal, or funny.

The Story

________ Story organization includes an exposition, climax, and resolution.

________ There is a delightful or suspenseful surprise somewhere in the story.


________ Dialogue builds characterization or advances the story, instead of just filling a page.

Word Choice

________ No word repetition.

________ Three examples of literary figures (metaphors, hyperbole, etc.) that make word combinations impactful.

________ No vague words (muy, cosas, este, etc.) are used.

________ Barely any ser, estar, and haber verbs to ensure an energetic pace.


________ Variety of short, medium, and long sentences.

________ Sentences begin in different ways to add variety.


________ Rhetorical moves/ transitions take the reader along. See Transition Words document in Canvas.


________ Details paint the scenes and characters.


________ Requirements met including length, format, file type, and platform.

________ Highlights or bolds the appropriate text requested in the guidelines.

________ Includes any additional materials requested (e.g., images, links

Content: _________/51

Grammar Score: How many errors are there?

Errors include spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word choice errors. Use the online grammar checker and consult or

Subtract number of errors from 49: _________/49 Total Grade: _____/100